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The cure for your foot discomfort is waiting for you
at Optimum Foot Care. We provide custom arch supports and fitted inserts for people suffering
from pain as a result of foot support problems.

Stay in shape and experience unmatched comfort with walking and running shoes from our company. Men and women's styles are available, so we have the right fit and look to suit your needs.

Proudly Serving:
Lawton and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma;
San Antonio, Texas;
and Areas within a 100-Mile Radius

Who We Are

Prevent chronic foot problems with products from our foot care company in Lawton, Oklahoma. With more than five years of experience working with clients, Optimum Foot Care has some of the most personable fitters of custom arch supports. Whether you are dealing with plantar fasciitis, back pain caused by poor foot mechanics, or a sunken arch, our team helps you live a more active lifestyle that is free from pain and walking problems.

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Contact our foot care company for products and services that provide lasting relief and comfort for your feet.